Field Ops: RECON Flight Plan

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Landing Gear

COURGcrew —

I’m at JFK about to board and thought I’d share the flight plan for the next few days so you have a sense of where we’re headed. Here’s the rough coordinates for the next few days. This tour of duty will be intense and we’ll have a lot of big decisions to make.



Sat-Sun, 14-15 NOV
Transit: JFK –> YYZ –> HKG

Mon, 16 NOV
AM: Dial manufacturer. Will learn about the entire process of how they make the dials.
PM:  Hand manufacturer. A rare glimpse inside the watch hand manufacturing process.

Tu, 17 NOV
AM : Case manufacturers. Inspect the production line, machining process, finishing.
PM: Leather strap manufacturer. Confirm leather samples.

Wed, 18 NOV
AM:  Meet Mission Log printers and interview new potential manufacturers.
PM: Meeting with a former director of a German watch operation.

Thu, 19 NOV
Full day:  Watch assembly operations. Seiko’s technical engineers will be on hand supervising.

Fri, 20 NOV
AM: Meet potential new manufacturer with tritium capabilities
PM: Tour fulfillment partner facilities and learn about their operations.

Sat-Sun, 21-22 NOV
Transit: HKG –> YYX –> JFK –> R&R

Gear in Tow

Landing Gear

Landing Gear

I’ll be dropping into our ground operations with two objectives:

  1. Ensure COURG build continues to taxi down the runway and check the flight manifesto for quality in time for wheels up.
  2. Create a short documentary to share the journey of our COURG time machine construction.

Above you see an early photo of my planned gear. For visuals, I’ll be shooting stills (Nikon D700, I swapped out the D3 to keep more lean) and also 4K video (Panasonic Lumix Gx-8, new tool and I’m excited to get it out in the field), along with a variety of lenses. I’ll capture audio with an on-camera hot-shoe mounted Sennheiser shotgun.

Have a good weekend, and my next dispatch will be from the field. Godspeed. elbert, over and out.


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  • W. David Berryhill

    Oh, no, you said the magic word – tritium. If you can offer an automatic with tritium in the future just sign me up NOW. Take my money already!

  • Tim

    Always love your updates! Am I correct in assuming the tritium will be for future projects, or is there a possibility it will make its way into this run? IMO, tritium would complete the tool watch theme. Love it either way!

  • So awesome. Love the updates. Thanks for letting us be an intimate part of your journey. I feel like I’m sitting next to you on the jet! Haha. Godspeed.

  • Anson

    Nice gear dump ??.
    Hope your measuring calipers are super accurate 😉

  • Domingo

    Good flights and get to ground safe. Looking forward for your updates.

  • Mor

    Thanks for the update, good luck on the journey…

  • Bearhorse


    Safe trip! At least you’ll get to land at the new airport. I was there 8 years ago and coming into land at the old one you felt sure the landing gear was going to snag someone’s laundry line!

    Don’t forget to save enough local money for departure fees for the return trip!

    Our Best To The Rest!

  • Rob B.

    For such an American-inspired watch, everything about is from China, from manufacturing to shipping/fulfillment. It would be nice to see a NYC-based company offering an American made watch.

    • Want to make this happen! Of course, there’s no way we’d come anywhere near this price point, but I’d really like explore US manufacturing options once the dust settles from our first run. I’ve already begun taking notes about possible options for accessories like straps etc, but machining titanium, let alone titanium grade 5 is no easy task. Please let me know if you come across any leads!

  • Clayton Chamberlain

    Tritium??? I’d love an automatic tool watch with tritium. I am very excited for your future work.