Production SITREP: All Systems, Go.

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#COURGcrew —

All systems point to scheduled departure in December. We’re sorting through the multitude of logistical details to ensure smooth fulfillment, from best practices for SKU tracking and instruction inserts to optimizing packaging to accommodate the diverse orders. In the midst of taming that chaos, we keep our most intense focus on COURG itself and all the details I obsess over.

As an aside, I noticed at Wind-Up (more on the fair below) that some people pronounce COURG, “CORG”. NO. NO. NO. It’s pronounced /ˈkʌrɪdʒ/. Eh yeah, thanks for no help, Oxford dictionary.

COURG = COURAGE. (In case you’re a new recruit, check out the ‘splainer.)

Redux = RE-DUCKS. (Bring back, revive)


  • Production and fulfillment on schedule for TiGr2 starting in early December, then TiGr5 to ship a couple weeks later.
  • TiGr2 vs. TiGr5, aesthetically nearly indistinguishable
  • Titanium hardware in full production mode, slotted to arrive in the US end of next week.
  • Developed a proprietary lume for true blue: RDXb1 Layered 7 times +sealant
  • BackerKit lockdown activated, charges to follow when closer to fulfillment
  • Wind-Up NYC x Redux COURGcrew = Good times.
  • Meet Chronos, a clever new device for alerts from your case back

Production and fulfillment on schedule

Field agents will express courier a final round of TiGr2 production prototypes next week. Once I approve those, we move to full production on the TiGr2! TiGr2 units deploy in the first wave starting in early December.

As expected, TiGr5 production prototypes are on schedule to arrive a couple weeks after TiGr2. So, that wave is set to start in the middle of December. And yes, these prototypes don’t have drilled lugs, this and other refinements being worked out in the machining.

The 5 custom hand sets and dial variants are in final stages for pre-production and prototypes enroute.

TiGr2 vs. TiGr5

Aesthetically nearly indistinguishable. See for yourself. I shot this with daylight bulb and as neutral white background as I could find. I removed the movement holders to avoid as much tint as possible. Still there’s some kind of weird color cast, but you get the idea. Every person I’ve shown these prototypes to in the field has said they’re almost impossible to tell apart. All pictures TiGr2 (left) and TiGr5 (right), including the featured image at top. The TiGr5 looks shinier I think simply by virtue of the way the light hits it at that angle:

I learned that the TiGr5 manufacturer (one of the most reputable teams around) coated the case with silicone and then bakes them for three hours. I’m told this does not change the color.

Titanium Strap Hardware in Full Production Mode

The manufacturer is machining the first 600 sets of titanium hardware. This batch is slotted to arrive in the US end of next week. Also, We received a prototype of our anti-springbar buckle. I’ve decided to deploy these mission critical buckles on the ballistic nylon straps with the idea that we’ll swap to the ballistic when things are about to get serious. I’ve also instructed the manufacturer to equip the leather buckles with shoulderless springbars instead of the shouldered ones. I included the image on the left in a previous dispatch, but here you can see it in action on the right:

RDX buckle

Proprietary Lume: RDXb1

In the course of examining prototypes, we began to notice that the lume we spec’d did not seem to actually look blue, but actually looked more green. So we’ve worked with our manufacturer to develop a proprietary lume for true blue: RDXb1. We’ll add 7 layers of lume on the dials and hands, then coat it with a sealant to smooth it out and protect the lume. Photos of the lume soon.

BackerKit Lockdown Activated

We activated the survey lockdown so we could confidently move forward with order quantities of dials, handsets, titanium, and leather orders. We’ve been advised by BackerKit to wait until we are closer to fulfillment before charging the cards. That’s because credit card companies don’t take kindly to these types of transactions occurring too early before we ship.

Wind-Up NYC x Redux COURGcrew = Good Times.

We joined 18 other brands at Wind-Up last weekend, and it was a blast. I wasn’t sure what to expect, and wondered if it would be competitive or awkward to be around so many brands that theoretically might compete for customers. I was thrilled to find that the atmosphere was collegial and supportive of one another. The hours flew by as I met all the founders and heard about their work. Everyone was very generous with their time and share insights freely.


Of course, the highlight of the fair was meeting #COURGcrew! I met a handful of you each day. Worn & Wound had invited us to get a booth during the planning phase, but at the time I had only two prototypes, so not much to put on a table. But it turned out that just last week both TiGr2 and TiGr5 prototypes arrived and so I actually had plenty to show backers who stopped in. I heard that somehow I missed some of you and for that I’m sorry we weren’t able to cross paths. Prototypes galore!

Bernard, editor in chief Everyday Carry

Image: Bernard, editor in chief Everyday Carry

Image: Dave


Meet Chronos

Psst, we forged a new partnership with our friends at Chronos. You’re among the first to hear about this. Chronos engineered a 2.5mm disc that sticks to the back of your watch to deliver personalized smartphone notifications through vibrations and light patterns. Here’s what it looks like on COURG.

I don’t dig the shiny at all, and if I end up grabbing one myself I’ll probably brush it to matte myself. I know 13.7mm is already pushing it for some. I personally don’t mind the added height on my preferred MilStrap and single piece straps. And yes, that’s a prototype two-piece ballistic strap you see here:




I haven’t seen it in action yet, but I’m looking forward to field testing the Chronos on the COURG soon.

So keep an eye on your radar for this bogey next Thursday. Chronos plans a soft launch for their earliest recruits on their pre-order page and I’ll send you an email as soon as that page goes live. If you have peeps who missed out on the COURG maiden voyage, they can grab a COURG x Chronos bundle, with fulfillment early Q1 2016.

Hope you’ve got some R&R planned this weekend. Godspeed. elbert, over and out.

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  • Stephen Shaw

    It looks like your IMG 1937 (rights side top, first set of pics in main post, comparative side view) is getting flipped around by the browser or got rotated somehow so that the Grade 5 specimen is actually on the left, not right. When I download a copy and view locally, it displays correctly. Might be confusing some folks though – you may try labeling the specimens in each image just to be clear.

  • Stephen Shaw

    Actually, just noticed the same thing is happening with IMG 1936 (bottom of first grouping) – I assume the specimens in this photo are supposed to be 12 o’clock up, but is displaying as 6 o’clock up in my browser, causing TiGr2 to appear on the right and TiGr5 on the left (different than explained in the post text).

    • You’re right. I don’t know why WP is rotating the images. In the author view, it appears correctly. I’m looking into this.

    • Ok, it’s fixed, thanks for heads up.

  • Chuck

    @creator, I saw some photos in this update that had the Type B dial, but with a date – Is this a thing? I choose the Type A dial in my survey, but only because I was told the B was not going to have a date option. The date on the B dial looks great to me, is it possible to switch my choice?

    • Hey there Chuck. Yes, I changed my mind about the date after I saw a prototype in person. It’s a thing! If you’d like to change it up please email and CC me with the request. I don’t think it’s a problem yet, but please make that happen ASAP.

      • Chuck

        Okay, if I decide to I’ll follow up this weekend. Are there anymore photos of the prototypes? Thanks!

        • I’ll shoot some more prototype photos when the next round arrive!

      • Chuck

        Hi, thanks for replying so promptly! I will decide this weekend and If I wish to switch from A to B I will email Sunday evening. Two questions though: are there more photos anywhere of the dial types and what is your email? Thanks!

        • Once the next round of prototypes land, I’ll shoot some more photos. hangar at our domain.

      • dja

        Hi @creator,

        in my eyes a logical decision that i appreciate. I never understood why the dial should look overcrowded with the date window, as i already commented at Kickstarter.

        I have chosen the dial Type-B with the date option when checking out, even if this was not communicated at that time. I received the confirmation mail with:

        “Choose your COURG. For titanium grade 5, add $35.
        Type-A – Date – Titanium Grade 5
        Choose your second COURG watch. For titanium grade 5, add $35.
        Type-B – Date – Titanium Grade 5 ”

        confirming Type-B with date option, so can i be sure that i get it with the window?

        Regards and good luck for future


        • Hi Dirk, looks like you’re all set!

  • Christopher Lau

    Sorry I got a question,
    As I see in the image by Dave
    The second hand of zero hour should be white thin hand with orange yellow body, isn’t it?

    • That’s correct. That was just a prototype of our custom hand so I could make sure the length and proportions were correct. We will lume that second hand (as well as on every other variant).

  • Gin Yih

    @creator, question: Based on the images, seemed like the second hand of Type-B variant is colored fully black. Is that finalized? the 2D design of the it seemed less black but more greyish-white. But nevertheless, great to see everything is coming along well and the prototypes looked aaaamazing! Thanks!

    • Hey Gin, that was just a prototype of our custom hand so I could make sure the length and proportions were correct. We will lume that second hand (as well as on every other variant). Thanks for the kind and encouraging words!

  • Mor

    Thanks for the update Pilot!

  • Shin yoong Bae

    How can you update receiving address?

    Thank you.

  • Colin

    Hey, is it possible to get some statistics on the kickstarter backers? Like how many of each variant and how many backers in different regions of the world etc.

    • Hey Colin, working on crunching these numbers soon to share!