Production SITREP: Meet Your Makers, Compiled Debrief

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COURGcrew —

As promised, I’ve debriefed with the special ops crew over the last 10 days as soon as I published a new post about the tour of duty to visit our ground operations. Actually, some crew members caught the posts even before I had time to notify everyone via email. On point.

Here, I’m summarizing the Meet Your Makers post series for all the entire crew in case you’d like to catch up and binge on production details. I’ll start from the beginning in case any of you missed day 1 over the Thanksgiving festivities.

*Field Ops — RECON | 4 Day Sortie*

Day 1. Dials, Hands, Cases
Dial Lume Layer


  • All systems go for first wave deployment beginning of December
  • Dial, hand, and case manufacturing walk-through.
  • Many people work hard to build your COURG — in these 3 areas alone, a minimum of 15 craftspeople.

Day 2. Ballistic Nylon, Leather Strap, TiGr5
Buckle Sewing


  • Ballistic nylon straps in full swing
  • New leather mil-strap maker after safety issues and general shady-ness, pushed production back 4 weeks.
  • TiGr5 prototyping

Day 3. COURG Origin Story
COURG Origin Story


  • Another rare glimpse: Meet the monster machines behind TiGr5
  • TiGr2 shipping slated to start end of the week / early next.
  • W&W x RDX Horween straps, done.
  • Operator’s Manuals, almost complete.
  • Crates, done.
  • Mission folios, first wave in.
  • Unfair advantage

Day 4. Assemblers & Horween
Assemblers and Horween


  • Meet the assemblers
  • Horween straps inspected and immediately en route
  • Operator’s Manual / Mission Log on the presses
  • TiGr5 pushing for pre-Christmas shipping

Hope you have a refreshing weekend, and Godspeed. elbert, over and out.


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  • Kevin

    Elbert, great update as usual! I do have one question. Will we be notified some how when the watch ships?

    Thanks for all your hard work!


  • Thanks once again Elbert, I found myself checking here one day and found that you had published an update/I hadn’t had an email too!

    Love your work, know that there are many who await eagerly to wear your incredible creation with pride!

    Over and out,
    Original spec ops, – Todd.

  • David

    Hi Pilot!

    As usual, thanks for the updates. What an impressive project, can’t wait go get my timepiece!

    I ordered a Ti2 with a dark brown leather strap… And have two questions that comes to mind:

    1) My hope was to get the LIGHT brown bracelet prototype you shown so many times on Instragram(, but it seems like that precise choice wasn’t available at the time of ordering. I ordered a dark brown Mil-Strap as this seemed to be the closest one to it. Will those two straps be similar? And if not, which one should I have picked?

    2) Will this new Mil-Strap provider offers new bands/finishes?

    As usual, thanks for your help!

    • Hi David, 1. I wasn’t happy with the quality of that prototype strap that I used early on — it was quite stiff. Between the mil-straps, the closer color would be the distressed tan. 2. The new strap maker has a whole spectrum of colors for this type of leather and a multitude of others if there’s interest in the future for other strap variants.

  • Petteri Kontti


    Just wanted to know, do you have an estimate of the delivery date?
    Looking forward to wear COURG!


    • We began shipping this week, and it depends on a few factors: Ti2/Ti5, mil-strap? Location? Expedited shipping?

      • Petteri Kontti


        Shipment to Finland with std strap and Ti2, negative expedited shipment..

        Merry Christmas to all!?


  • Blair

    Hi Pilot,

    I sent a message to support but didn’t get a reply yet, what would the delivery time difference between standard and expedited shipping to Australia?

    If it is quite significant, is it too late for me to add expedited shipping? Just for clarification my order is a Ti5 with the standard strap.


    • Hey Blair, I’ll double check with the fulfillment partners and be back to you.