STRATCOM Forum 42mm Update 1

Thanks for jumping over. This message will self-destruct in a week because this is just for you and won’t be relevant after that anyway.



Thank you very much for joining forces in the 42mm development forum! Quick! What size are these lugs? Jump in the forum to vote!

COURG 42mm Top

COURG 42mm development in progress. Bezel lume? What size strap for lugs?

I wasn’t sure what to expect but as usual you guys rocked it with passionate, yet thoughtful, respectful debate with tons of insights and ideas. We’re off to a solid start.

Take a look:

STRATCOM forum 42mm update

STRATCOM forum 42mm update. You registered already, right?!


So, I wanted to send you a quick summary/recap of our progress over the first few weeks and where we’re headed from here.


For those of you who haven’t jumped into the STRATCOM forum yet, that time is now! Here’s your search and rescue (SAR) beacon you’ve been waiting for. There are a number of you who indicated interest in development, but haven’t yet registered. We want to hear from you! REGISTER NOW.

ETD // JFK — Prototype

I’m thinking that we will explore one more week of discussion around these airframe/propulsion phase 1 elements.

Then at that point we’ll probably have covered all our bases in discussion and everyone will have had an opportunity to weigh in. I’ll send out a final survey to see where we’re at and then work on getting some samples made.

I’ll also do my best to make some drawings for relevant questions so that you have some context.


I want to make something special for you STRATCOM peeps that participate in the forum.

I see many of you prefer t-shirts, and I’m with you. At this moment I just don’t have bandwidth to design one. But I want to and will as soon as I can. However…

In the meantime, second runner-up was morale patches. I’m getting a bit ahead of myself here, but I envision having a new very limited STRATCOM patch for each new project mission you embark on with us.

Just putting the idea out there. I’ll create a thread in the forums to discuss and see if you’d actually want one. 

To qualify, all you need to do is share some thoughts and ideas in the forum. That’s it! (Wait, did I mention join us in the forum!)

Psst. In case there’s any trouble accessing the forum, check out this walk-through pronto or email us with any questions!