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Time to upgrade the ballistic game.


9 Ballistic Features.

Upgraded Ballistic Strap Development

You asked for upgraded ballistic x titanium straps + more colors —

So vote now and let’s make this happen.

Thank you for your requests to revisit our ballistic nylon strap! We’ve heard a lot of great responses to the original. Look forward to developing version 2 with you. 

It’s hard to believe our original strap designs have equipped adventures out in the field for a couple years now. And I know how difficult it is to find nylon straps equipped with titanium hardware, let alone purpose-built hardware.

Suggestions have included a softer nylon weave, to a simplified single pass, and more colors. So, I’ve worked with our strap and titanium hardware makers to figure out the best new features we can bring into the COURG crew development in three areas:

  • Hardware
  • Build
  • Finish

*** QUICK NOTE BEFORE WE GET STARTED: Please only vote if you’re serious about sticking with us through development and ordering because we’re going to get price quotes and determine minimum order quantities based on what we hear from you. Thank you! ***

* = required


When I first designed these loops I liked the idea of sharp, clean edges. But as I've put that hardware to use, I found that the edges of the loops sometimes press at weird angles. So, I propose we give this next batch of hardware an extra grind to round out the edges. But maybe it was just me.

Redux Titanium Watch Strap Hardware
Left: Sharp Edges / Right: Extra Grind
Redux Titanium Watch Strap Hardware
Left: Squared, Sharp / Right: Angled, Extra Grind
Some of you say the more titanium the better. Others have said they wanted only a fabric keeper. I prefer to tuck the strap tail back under the loops instead of cutting it short. So, I've found the titanium easier to quickly do that.

Redux Titanium Watch Strap Hardware
Left: Fabric keeper (would match strap color), Right: Titanium hardware
I've worn the original hardware now close to 2 years. I felt that now was a good time to revisit the single piece buckle design. Similar to the loop designs, depending on where the buckle landed on my wrist, I found that sometimes the corner edge would dig into my wrist at certain angles.

Redux Single Piece Titanium Buckles
Left: Squared Corners / Right: Angled Corners
Redux Titanium Watch Strap Hardware
Left: Squared, Sharp / Right: Angled, Extra Grind


4. Strap type(s)? *

Many of you have asked for a single pass ballistic strap with our titanium hardware. But while we’re at it … we could also order some 2-piece and G10 / NATO straps. We’d also plan to shorten the G10 straps because we heard the tails were too long for many of you.

Redux Titanium x Ballistic Watch Straps
Left: Single Pass / Center: Two-Piece / Right: G10 NATO Milstrap
We can select how we want the strap constructed. The strap can either be stitched or heat bonded.

When heat bonded the applied heat will bond the material to itself, or with a thin TPU layer. The benefit of a heat bond is a cleaner aesthetic, less hardware, and it's also a cheaper method. The main drawback to this method is that it can sometimes create a kind of stiffer feel where the material melts slightly.

The benefit of a traditional stitch construction is a mechanical intervention that ensures a secure build. The stitch would also enable the integration of full titanium hardware loops, and a texture contrast.

6. Strap Colors? *

Full ballistic color swatch sample
Full ballistic color swatch sample
Prototype Ballistic Straps v2.0
Prototype Ballistic Straps v2.0 (left to right) Desert, Olive Drab, Titanium, Color 8
Prototype Ballistic Straps v2.0
Prototype Ballistic Colors: (Clockwise buckle side) OD, Ti, Color 8, Desert


I'm thinking about adding a layer of wax protectant. This will darken/mute the color somewhat. Makes the strap more matte and in theory I believe it could reduce the dreaded sweaty strap smell. (I'm testing this theory right now, and will let you know what I find.)

IF we go with a stitched construction:

Do we want the stitches to contrast with different colors from the strap itself?

Or should we go with a cleaner aesthetic where the thread matches the strap?

Redux Ballistic Strap Tail
Round tail
Redux Ballistic Strap Tail
Angled Strap Tail

Which one would you want most for your kit?

COURG Silicone Strap Concept 2 - Buckle Side
COURG Silicone Strap Concept 2 - Buckle Side
Titanium Band Idea
Titanium Band Idea
French Military Navy Parachute Watch Strap
French military Parachute Watch Strap. Nice braided nylon and elastic material, annoying hardware.
The development and production timeline will be highly compressed on this project. We’ve already gone ahead and reserved production capability with manufacturers to avoid any production hiccups.


Strap dimensions?

These straps are precision laser cut to produce an exact cut that also immediately seals the edge and eliminates frays.

All straps: 20mm wide x 1.5mm thick

Single pass: 245 mm | 9.6 in.

G10/NATO: 275 mm | 10.8 in.

2-piece Buckle Side: 45 mm | 1.8 in. and Tail side: 170 mm | 6.7 in.

Are those 2-piece strap dimensions correct?

Yes, those are exactly the right specs. The design moves the titanium hardware to the outside of the wrist for improved comfort. And well, for titanium visibility, because who wants to hide their hardware on the bottom of their wrist? The excess nylon strap can be tucked right back underneath the loop closest to the watch case!

Wait, what is ballistic nylon anyway?

DuPont originally designed ballistic nylon during World War 2 to provide lightweight defense for pilots’ and airmen flak jackets to protect against metal shards or debris from inbound munitions. The researchers developed an exceptionally tight weave, typically basket pattern in 2×2. The thread pattern produces durable construction and limited stretch in all directions.

What’s the timeline like?

ETA one month from our order. We’ll ship directly from the U.S. and from Hong Kong, so transit times to specific international destinations will vary. If we get some solid votes in within 2 weeks, we’re committed delivery by October.

How much will these cost?

We estimate the cost will be roughly $30 a strap including the titanium hardware. That said, we won’t know exact cost until we select all our customizations and also see what our quantities are like. So hurry up and vote!

Stitch Guide
Handcrafted stitch Guide
Raw Ballistic Nylon
Raw Ballistic Nylon
Rocking Titanium Hardware
Rocking Titanium Hardware
Laser Slice Robot
Ballistic Nylon Slicing Robot
Buckle Sewing
Stitching on a buckle.