COURG Allies // 42mm Survey

Hello, my friend!

  1. First, thank you for your loyalty and believing in the Redux mission.
  2. Second, it’s time. We’re taxiing for takeoff on a much requested 42mm and we’d be honored to have you aboard this next chapter of the adventure. We had such a blast with COURG development. So, I thought it’d be an exciting experiment to invite 50 of our closest allies to deploy with us from the zero hour on the 42mm development initiative.
  3. When you join us in the Strategic Command (henceforth: STRATCOM) forum, you’ll be in on the origin story and we’ll work together on the airframe of this new creation. Hope you’ll jump on board and share your insights.
  4. In parallel, we’re also pushing ahead with some other project deployments (Ti & silicone bands) in the forum and of course you’re welcome to jump in on those projects as well!

Let’s do this. Time for radar contact and hope to see you on the inside: