Deployment Phase: Greenlit, GO.

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COURGcrew —

We started shipping this week! Tracking info to follow shortly.

In the meantime, here’s intel on COURG units reporting for deployment. It’s been an intense couple weeks gearing up for this stage. From supply chain details, to accounting coordination, I can’t convey how proud I am of our team and field operatives for how all the gears engaged the right cogs and meshed.

Shipping sequence initiated —
Buckled down.

Sealed in. This was a tough call. I really didn’t want to seal everything in plastic bags, but the wiser team members advised me to play it safe.





IMG_2199 - Edited

Field locations assigned.


Out of the many, 10 COURG headed over to a drop zone near your coordinates [JFK / MIA / ORD / SFO].



I’m not totally sure, but this may be my last dispatch for 2015. So, if that’s the case I want to thank you all for joining together for an amazing adventure this year! It’s remarkable what we’ve accomplished in so little time. And I can’t wait to see what’s next (well, there’s some ideas in the works).

I hope you and your clans have joyful and refreshing times together these next couple weeks and Godspeed — elbert, over and out.

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