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Redux COURG Triple Function Bezel

Redux COURG Triple Function Bezel

How to use the COURG Triple Function Bezel

1. Elapsed time (Stopwatch)

Using the bezel on your watch for elapsed time is often used by divers when entering the water to time the length of a dive. This method is a much easier way of timing a dive than just remembering the time that you have entered the water.

To see how much time has elapsed from a specific point, align the bezel marker with the minute hand (As illustrated above on the far left image)

2. Remaining time (Timer)

To use the bezel as a timer rotate the bezel marker ahead of the minute hand.

In the illustration above (The middle image)  you will see that the bezel marker has been rotated 15 minutes ahead of the minute hand, this means that once the bezel marker reaches the minute hand 15 minutes has then passed.

3. Second time zone

You can also utilize the bezel as a way to read a second time zone, to do this align the bezel depending on the hours difference the 2nd time zone is to your current time zone.

(Example: London time)

In the illustration above you will see that the bezel is set 5 hours before 12, this is because London is 5 hours ahead of New York time.

So you will see that on the watch above it shows 10.09 New York time & 3:09 London time.

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