Full Throttle: Final Variant Designs, Horween Strap Confirmed, Caseback Selection, & More!

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#COURGcrew — Full Throttle.

Welcome new backers, we’re full throttle on approach, with T -60 hours and change. And as promised, here’s the final drawings of the refined bezel and variant designs based on backer surveys and with navigation from flight tower to unify the diverse constraints into one cohesive fleet:

I wanted to preserve the use of colors in the legendary A-11 and Type-B, so I selected Pantone colors (Red 187 and Blue 534, if you’re geeks like us) for the respective dial second hand counterweights that hinted at their heritage without overpowering the rest of the dial. As I told A-11 backers, some of the WW2 watches featured a nice rich red. Some Type-B dials used blued-steel, so I went with a deep blue. And no, I don’t think blued-steel belongs on the COURG.

*** PLEASE NOTE: The dials are all equally matte black. Some of you will no doubt notice the straps are pictured with silver hardware, ignore that. I didn’t have the time to fuss around with that.

Ballistic Nylon Strap & Canvas Roll/Folio

Each COURG comes with ballistic nylon strap with mil-strap matte black PVD hardware regardless of whether you add-on the leather. I feel like it’s mission critical to have an option to swap to quickly if you’d rather not needlessly expose your leather straps to harsh elements, such as sea water.

Yes, each watch comes in the waxed canvas roll, tucked away in our Redux & Co. crate, otherwise we’d have to make different box dimensions.

Aircraft VIN-plate Caseback

Meet your caseback! I need to confer with the manufacturer, but the blackout negative space does not work in titanium (a big reason why although the turbine design was sweet, we had to rule that one out because it would not work well in Ti).

In the end I really appreciated that this design distilled the aircraft heritage and melded it with the tool watch nature of the COURG. I offer a big hearty THANK YOU from all of us backers to R.Halford for the exquisite design, and to J.Boehm and E.Tsai for strong contenders in the mix!

The copy here is not final, since the manufacturer will need to transfer to the actual dimensions. The titanium line will be TITANIUM G.2 or G.5. The serial number will be K.XXXX/YYYY where x is production number (not linked to order of backer) and y is total production run. I plan to run the serial in one full lot since I feel like we were all in it together — all 1,920+ of us.

Worn & Wound x Redux & Co.!

I’m very pleased to announce that we’ve begun to work out some of the details, and we’re collaborating with the good folks over at Worn & Wound to offer an exclusive Horween leather strap design hand made in NYC specifically for your COURG!

We’ve decided to go with Color 8 for a couple reasons. First, the color is so distinctive and special, and really sets off the blue-gray of the COURG titanium.

Second, Worn & Wound just purchased a nice-sized lot of this leather so it’s in stock and ready for them to start working on a sample for us and then proceed to crafting them.

COURG on Horween Color 8
COURG on Horween Color 8
W&W describes the Horween this way:

“The rich, waxy Chromexcel Horween leather used with the Mil-Strap Horween – Color 8 has a dark, burgundy color that can appear near black to a dark cherry depending on the light. Color 8 is perhaps Horween’s most famous color, loved for its sophisticated look. We left the edges of the Color 8 unfinished, showing the brown core, which adds a touch of contrast and rugged appeal. The Color 8 has been finished with gray thread, for a dark overall palette.”

The discussion with Worn & Wound led us to collaborate on a design hybrid of the mil-strap type we’re offering in our rewards (at $39) and a two-piece conventional strap. T

This single slice of Horween leather integrates the benefits of the security from the mil-strap with less bulk of a two piece. This will inherit two of the matte/brushed metal rings.

Dimensions will be roughly: 20mm wide and 11.5 x .08in / 292 x 2mm

After they crunched the numbers, the finalized add-on price is $57. Speaking of which …

Pledge Add-On Instructions

So, leave it to a renowned emergency medicine doc and COURG backer to come up with a prescription for what ails many of us about how to edit our pledges for add-ons. The doc said show the image! Also many thanks to many of you who have helped one another out in the comments section.

This is the screen you’ll see when you go to modify your pledge level to account for add-ons. So, for example, to add the WWxRDX Horween watch band:

Click the blue “Manage my Pledge” button

Go down to your pledge (highlighted in green)
Click in the amount field and increase that number by $57, so if you’re at the $299 level with $5 US shipping, the number you type in the field is $361.
Proceed through the payment confirmation section and you’re all systems go.
DO NOT email me your preferences, we’ll capture all your details at the end of the campaign in a backer survey.

Ok, its 3:45a ET now, I’m a bit delirious so I hope this update all makes sense.

Go tackle your missions today … in a few hours or in whatever time zone you’re in, and Godspeed. elbert, over and out.

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