Get Your Hands Dirty

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I’m not sure how you’re all feeling about the coming election, but I recently read this mini-manifesto packed with keen insight penned by COURGcrew member J. Topham. He spoke truth and reality, and sliced through the noise of a 10-ring circus. As you all know, I’m always on the hunt for signal to squelch the noise, and so I wanted to share this clear signal with you all:

No matter who you vote for this November, your vote will have no immediate positive impact on the issues here in America that you are most concerned with. If these really matter, you must be the change you want to see. Don’t be lazy and think you can vote away the problems you see, leaving it up to a politician to do the right thing. None of our problems, left or right, are political. They are human and spiritual problems that other people try to solve politically.

Go out there and be about those issues that matter most deeply to you, whatever they may be. Be willing to engage the people on the other side. Get your hands dirty and your mind opened to all that plays a role in this issue. Discover new ways you can make this better. Love the people you find there.

That way, no matter who wins, a real impact can be made. After all, there is no political messiah on his or her way to save us. This is our work, and we need to take responsibility for it.


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