Initial Descent Sitrep T-5 — Ti5, 20ATM & MORE

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#COURGcrew, this is your navigator from the flight deck.

We’re beginning our initial descent into the COURG departure gate vicinity. Keep your seat belts fastened and push your seats back as far as they can go. We know that you could have backed another campaign so we appreciate that you’ve chosen to join us and the Redux crew for our mission. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the remainder of the ride.

Thank you everyone for jumping in the Redux hangar to get your hands dirty and kick it with us in the workshop. We’ve hit critical mass in the surveys and I’ve gone ahead and begun the final drawings for the 5 dial and hand combinations that will embark for full production. I will do my very best to have those drawings to debrief with you by Monday.

As with any creative endeavor, I think some of you have tasted the peaks and troughs of crafting something extraordinary. There’s moments of inspiration, followed by murky uncertainty, seemingly insurmountable despair, and then a spark of inspiration, and if all goes well, a surprise of joy when you step back and realize: It is good, and the journey was worth every moment. Now imagine stretching those 20-some days into a year and a half!

It’s hard to believe that we only have a few days left in the campaign. So here’s our sitrep T-5.


I know some of you are disappointed that we didn’t have a clear outline of how the stretch goals would unfold. Some journeys can’t be mapped exactly, and that’s called adventure. Sincerely, as your navigator for this flight, I have to tell you that plotting the course for stretch goals was no easy task. I apologize if the turbulence along the way has made any of you queasy.

That’s in part because I cut the margins so slim on the first pledge levels that we may just break even on those after all is said and done. And I confess to not having the bandwidth to create snazzy new graphics to help guide us through all the impressive list of refinements we’ve emerged from the grit and dust with. So here’s a recap for all of you tracking our progress milestones …


Consider what we’ve accomplished so far:

  • Exclusive #COURGcrew designed caseback
    5 exclusive dial and hand variant design refinements (We added a new recruit, the Type-B, along the way!)
    B-Uhr Type-B, hands are changing to iconic angular hands + lumed second hand
    B-Uhr Type-B, hands are changing to iconic angular hands + lumed second hand
    No-date options for 4 variants
    Bezel marker refinement
    Regulated movements (for added accuracy)
    Drilled Lugs
    20 ATM (Yes, that’s happening! See below)
    Bonus: Exclusive waxed canvas folio integrated with packaging
    Serial numbers with Kickstarter-exclusive markings

I feel like I can’t say this enough: When I designed COURG, premium components such as titanium, automatic movement, sapphire, anti-reflective coating, and multiple variants were not nice-to-haves — they were mission critical. Perhaps we could have spaced those out so we could have a tidy veneer of stretch goals, but let’s be honest — that’s just silly shenanigans.


Here’s the waypoints for what I’m working on right now in the cockpit:

STWRD Crucially, thank the good Lord we’ve secured a steward with 10 years watch manufacturing experience through family referrals with deep manufacturing experience who will check in with personal visits on a regular basis throughout the production process to ensure manufacturing quality and timelines.

SPPLY I’m firming up supply chain details such as post-campaign backer surveys and fulfillment center logistics.

TTNM5 Many of you have waited patiently as we’ve maneuvered to find the optimal trajectory for case material choice. It’s clear we will not reach altitude for our last stretch goal of orienting the entire flight to titanium grade 5. So I’m diverting those plans so that we all have more clarity going into the last few days here.

I had extensive discussions with our manufacturer and based on the survey results I’m confident enough (please come through!) that we have critical mass to add titanium grade 5 as an add-on with the understanding that there will be an additional buffer time of 15 days or so.

From my research, Ti5 will have slightly less of the blue-grey of pure titanium, but in exchange offers more scratch resistance. (Ti2 scratches can be buffed out with a pen eraser, as some backers have pointed out, if you’re so inclined.)

Both Ti2 and Ti5 will have a bead-blast finish. Again, this is an adventure, so until we receive production prototypes of both, I have no images to show. And no, we will not be able to wait until we receive production samples to decide.

However, the original price quote was based on the full order of 1,800+ watches. Understand that many backers are completely satisfied with the original Ti2 specs, and some in fact prefer the original. I know we all respect that.

If we’re to make this happen, the titanium grade 5 stretch is $25 for EACH COURG you’ve reserved. And yes, go ahead and add that amount to your pledge NOW. THIS ADD-ON preference will be captured AT THE END OF THE CAMPAIGN through a final backer survey.

Before anyone asks, this is nothing like a 42mm upgrade, which would require an entire design overhaul. Meet a surprised 39mm convert. Here’s a self-described big wrister saying, “Oh! This works. This really works.” That’s his 41.5 mm for reference. Ahem. Presence. Who dominates? Just saying.

20ATM With that out of the way, I’m happy to announce that we’ve upgraded every COURG to 20ATM as of $500k!

STRAP I met today with a premier watch strap brand in NYC to take a look at some leather samples we could use for a COURG Kickstarter exclusive leather strap collaboration. As it stands right now, we will be offering backers 3 strap options:

1. Every COURG comes equipped with standard-issue ballistic nylon and matte black hardware
2. Add-on: Italian leather ZULU with matte hardware (You’ll be able to choose between dark brown, which has a slightly more finished feel, and tan, nice matte distress feel that will gain character right quick.)
3. Add-on: Made in NYC Horween/Chromexel leather single piece pass through with matte hardware. This was just to take a look at various colors and leather types. These 3 made the cut for us to choose one!

MSSGS And of course, doing my best to keep up with comments, messages, and emails, which often feels like a futile effort but that doesn’t mean I’m not glad to hear from you all.

I’m taking a very much needed hiatus the next couple days to recharge after only a couple hours sleep each night this week, so thank you for understanding a little radio silence. I hope you’ll enjoy a little refreshing stillness this weekend wherever you are with loved ones!

Tackle your mission and Godspeed. elbert, over and out.

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