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Install a 2-Piece Strap

Step 0 / STRAP CHANGE INTEL — ETA. 5 Minutes / COURG / Drilled Lugs Gather components. (1) 1 or 2 Songs (1) Beverage (1) New 2-piece strap (1) Strap change tool or Macgyver skills (2) Shoulderless Spring bars           Step 1 / REMOVE EXISTING STRAP Start your music, sip your […]

Leather Care

Leather Watch Strap Care Tips Our Redux & Co. leather watch straps are made from high quality American made leather from world renown tanneries such as the Horween Leather Co. in Chicago and Wickett & Craig in Pennsylvania. However, frequent exposure to dirt, sweat, moisture, water, heat and skin care products may accelerate the aging […]

Trim NATO / G10 Straps

The straps are designed to loop back so that the extra length can be used over jackets, foul weather gear, or wet suits. If it’s still too long, or you don’t foresee using the straps for those purposes, you can trim the length down to personalize the fit.