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An Animated Peek Inside How a Mechanical Watch Works

We run the Seiko NH35A in the COURG. But in the meantime, take a spin through this animation to learn more about the intricacies of these little engineering marvels that power our time instruments. Originally published by animagraffs.animagraffsSeiko NH35A in the COURG

RDXb1 Lume

Redux RDXb1 Lume We use a proprietary blend called RDXb1 developed to provide a very true blue glow, with a special drying process to provide a hint of aged white. The second hands are C3, which glows green in the dark and adds a subtle touch of green in the day time. We use seven […]

How to Use the COURG Triple function bezel

How to use the COURG Triple Function Bezel 1. Elapsed time (Stopwatch) Using the bezel on your watch for elapsed time is often used by divers when entering the water to time the length of a dive. This method is a much easier way of timing a dive than just remembering the time that you […]

COURG Operator’s Manual
Inside an automatic mechanical movement

Inside your mechanical watch is a fine-tuned machine called the SII-NH35A made by Seiko. 1. MOVEMENT DIMENSIONS · Outside diameter ψ27.40 mm · Casing diameter ψ29.36 mm (with dial holding spacer) · Total height 5.32 mm 2. SPECIFICATIONS · Winding mechanism Manual winding Automatic winding with ball bearing Both winding with one way clutch · Additional […]

Buff out scratches on the case or bezel

We built your COURG from titanium, a metal that is exceptionally strong, lightweight, corrosion-resistant and hypoallergenic. Titanium beats stainless steel any day (unless you need a good paperweight), but like any metal, titanium scratches. No matter how careful you are, surface scratches on the case and bezel of your watch are bound to happen with […]

Wind Up the Power Reserve

The Redux COURG watch features a high-quality self-winding Seiko NH35A mechanical movement, which means your watch can wind itself. The movement translates your activity into power. The NH35A holds power for 41 hours without winding or movement. While some watches it is a good practice to wind the watch once a day, if your lifestyle involves […]

Adjust the Time & Date

Your Redux COURG watch should serve you well, running trouble-free for many years. Follow these steps to set the time and date: Unscrew the crown in its first position and rotate the crown clockwise to wind up the watch manually. Gently pinch the crown into it clicks into second position. Rotate the crown counterclockwise to set the […]

Bezel Clicks / Operation

You now own a minimal yet powerful watch, which is designed for a specific timing function. Our design is something that you will not see anywhere else is an iconic tool watch that never goes out of style. One of the distinguishing features of your Redux COURG watch is its Triple Function Bezel – a unidirectional […]

Ensure Water Resistance

Are Redux watches water resistant and waterproof? Water resistant is a confusing issue to most watch consumers and is easily confused with being waterproof. No watch manufacturer technician can guarantee that a watch is totally waterproof. However, some watch are capable of being submerged into deeper depths of water. According to guidelines issued by the Federal Trade Commission, […]