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An Animated Peek Inside How a Mechanical Watch Works

We run the Seiko NH35A in the COURG. But in the meantime, take a spin through this animation to learn more about the intricacies of these little engineering marvels that power our time instruments. Originally published by animagraffs.animagraffsSeiko NH35A in the COURG

RDXb1 Lume

Redux RDXb1 Lume We use a proprietary blend called RDXb1 developed to provide a very true blue glow, with a special drying process to provide a hint of aged white. The second hands are C3, which glows green in the dark and adds a subtle touch of green in the day time. We use seven […]

How to Use the COURG Triple function bezel

How to use the COURG Triple Function Bezel 1. Elapsed time (Stopwatch) Using the bezel on your watch for elapsed time is often used by divers when entering the water to time the length of a dive. This method is a much easier way of timing a dive than just remembering the time that you […]