LIVE NOW: Redux x Chronos = Soft Launch

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COURGcrew —

Chronos x Redux soft launch live now.

As promised about the new partnership with our friends at Chronos, here’s your heads up for their soft launch. All the press and media blasts go out later this morning.

RDX Chronos

COURG + Chronos

They engineered a clever and discreet disc that attaches to your watch case back. The Chronos delivers personalized smartphone notifications through vibrations and light patterns. The Chronos tracks health metrics and controls your music.

Now, you can equip your COURG (or any other watch in your hangar) with mission critical alerts.

I’m looking forward to field testing a prototype on the COURG and have seen that it fits nicely on our case back. What you see in the pictures is an empty prototype shell.

COURG + Chronos

Chronos believes you shouldn’t have to compromise quality watches for technology, and we couldn’t agree more.

And don’t worry, the Chronos unit uses an adherence technology that’s completely secure, yet leaves no residue behind so you can easily swap it between case backs.

We like it so much that we’re bundling one of our watches, the COURG (Grade 2), with the Chronos as a reward for their launch campaign. If you have friends who missed out on the COURG maiden voyage, here’s how they can get in on a special collaboration deal.

You can pre-order a Chronos with $5 off the soft-launch $79 (only 250 at that price) (update: early bird sold out, now $94 with the COURGcrew discount).

They tell me they’re ahead of the original production schedule and anticipate fulfillment for the Chronos and the COURG + Chronos bundle in Spring, 2016.

Tackle your missions today, and Godspeed. elbert, over and out.

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