(Image: Nav panel of an Airbus 330 with headings that include waypoint COURG in living color on a flight from Helsinki to New York City shared by fellow COURGcrew member Capt. PK — thank you!)

COURGcrew —

I’ll keep this lean.

Final major wave deploys Monday

Our final major wave was packed today and ships first thing on Monday. There’s roughly 370 of you (and me!) in this wave of mostly TiGr5 backers and I want to sincerely thank you for your long-suffering and gracious patience having to stay in a holding pattern over the lunar holiday festivities.

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(Featured image: Mike M.)

COURGcrew —

I understand it’s likely that it feels like not much is going on, but it’s been one of the busiest stretches thus far for us. It’s been roughly 15 days since the last update, and there’s much to report. Thanks to so many of you who have waited patiently, cheered us on, and updated one another on arrivals.
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COURGcrew —

Welcome to 2016, hope you all enjoyed some solid R&R. We’ll get right to debrief, there’s lots to cover. (Image above, fellow backer, J. Chiew.)



  • The COURG has landed — first field reports from 12 backers.
  • 500 COURG units deployed.
    +Wave 1: Titanium grade 2 Type-A stock kits, with no leather strap add-ons. Quantity = 200.
    +Wave 2: The second wave included multiple titanium grade 2 variants and added some Horween strap orders. Quantity = 300.
  • Production Update
    +Wave 3: Scheduled for 10Jan, and planned to include remainder of titanium grade 2
    +Titanium grade 5 COURG scheduled to arrive 10-20Jan
    +Mil-straps scheduled to begin arriving in two days.
  • ATTENTION: Inspect the Mission Log when the COURG arrives.
    +Review the Operator’s Manual section RE: functions and best practices.
    +Date change is counterclockwise rotation.
  • Working to have everything shipped before Lunar new year festivities that shut everything down in Asia for 3-4 weeks.
  • Communications update.
  • Growing pains = Learning. Thank you.

The COURG has landed — first field reports.

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Deployment Phase: Greenlit, GO.

Estimated read time:

COURGcrew —

We started shipping this week! Tracking info to follow shortly.

In the meantime, here’s intel on COURG units reporting for deployment. It’s been an intense couple weeks gearing up for this stage. From supply chain details, to accounting coordination, I can’t convey how proud I am of our team and field operatives for how all the gears engaged the right cogs and meshed.

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COURGcrew —

As promised, I’ve debriefed with the special ops crew over the last 10 days as soon as I published a new post about the tour of duty to visit our ground operations. Actually, some crew members caught the posts even before I had time to notify everyone via email. On point.

Here, I’m summarizing the Meet Your Makers post series for all the entire crew in case you’d like to catch up and binge on production details. I’ll start from the beginning in case any of you missed day 1 over the Thanksgiving festivities. Continue reading

COURGcrew —


  • All systems go for first wave deployment beginning of December
  • Dial, hand, and case manufacturing walk-throughs.
  • Many people work hard to build your COURG — in these 3 areas alone, a minimum of 15 craftspeople.

Here’s a Thanksgiving edition update. I’ll blast this out to everyone since it’s been a bit of a radio silence since our last debrief. But the next 3 trip debriefs I’ll summarize before the next blast.

Apologies for going MIA for a week. I planned to file these dispatches in real-time each day, but we took some enemy flak in the form of the Great Firewall of China, some food poisoning (I blame seafood), and a cold. And then I didn’t realize that all work shuts down for 1.5 hrs each day for lunch and siesta.

In some cases, workers stayed at it and let me see the workflow so I could move on to the next stop on time. The workshops and factories were scattered across the industrial outskirts so everything was an hour apart, and then we also contended with traffic bottlenecks at almost every turn.

The trip was an eye opener and really humbling to see how many people must work in tandem in order to craft the COURG for us. I have new-found respect for the men and women who help make the COURG. They are tireless in the attention to detail and stringent in producing excellent watch components.

As I toured these workshops and factories I saw many other big name brand watches on parallel production lines. We benefit from the stringent policies and standards that the larger established brands adhere to. For example, one brand insists on 5-day work weeks (other factories open 6 days), with hefty overtime.

Please know that this is a rough outline to give us a sense of the production. There are many other steps left out. The first day was jam-packed. We started around 8:30a and didn’t wrap at the titanium grade 2 factory until after the workers had already left for the day around 8p. What follows is a chronological account so you see as I saw, with some tidbits gleaned from later in the week for context.

So, this is quite long. Grab your favorite brew, sit back and enjoy the flight. Welcome to the hangar.

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COURGcrew —


  • Tons of production photos in this one
  • BackerKit to charge cards Monday, 9NOV
  • TiGr2: GO! We’re well into production and I’m very pleased with our progress.
  • TiGr5: Production prototype scheduled to arrive next week
  • I head out to inspect manufacturer production lines in Asia, 14Nov. Sign-up now if you want alerts for daily updates on this trip.
  • Special order NH35 movements arrived and are being regulated
  • Helvetica Type-B prototype Helvetica looks and glows sweet
  • Lume brightness upgraded & vintage white finish achieved
  • Horween prototype, regular = 10″ XL = 11″
  • COURGcrew made a strong showing at the Chronos launch

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#COURGcrew —

All systems point to scheduled departure in December. We’re sorting through the multitude of logistical details to ensure smooth fulfillment, from best practices for SKU tracking and instruction inserts to optimizing packaging to accommodate the diverse orders. In the midst of taming that chaos, we keep our most intense focus on COURG itself and all the details I obsess over.

As an aside, I noticed at Wind-Up (more on the fair below) that some people pronounce COURG, “CORG”. NO. NO. NO. It’s pronounced /ˈkʌrɪdʒ/. Eh yeah, thanks for no help, Oxford dictionary.

COURG = COURAGE. (In case you’re a new recruit, check out the ‘splainer.)

Redux = RE-DUCKS. (Bring back, revive)


  • Production and fulfillment on schedule for TiGr2 starting in early December, then TiGr5 to ship a couple weeks later.
  • TiGr2 vs. TiGr5, aesthetically nearly indistinguishable
  • Titanium hardware in full production mode, slotted to arrive in the US end of next week.
  • Developed a proprietary lume for true blue: RDXb1 Layered 7 times +sealant
  • BackerKit lockdown activated, charges to follow when closer to fulfillment
  • Wind-Up NYC x Redux COURGcrew = Good times.
  • Meet Chronos, a clever new device for alerts from your case back

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#COURGcrew —

Just in, the photos we’ve all been waiting for — and quite possibly the first TiGr2 vs TiGr5 direct comparison posted anywhere online based on everyone’s extensive web hunting!


  • Titanium grade 2 and grade 5 prototypes do not differ noticeably in color.
  • Worn & Wound to host “world’s first affordable watch fair” in NYC, 23-25Oct. We’ll be there.

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#COURGcrew — October SITREP.

Thrilled to report we’ve made steady progress in the last few weeks. This got a bit long as usual, and I hope you enjoy this dispatch from the ground crew hard at work here in the hangar.


If you haven’t already, FILL OUT YOUR SURVEY NOW so we can include your order in the first production wave … we’ll wait right here for you … until this MONDAY.


  • Mission on schedule
  • Survey lock and load: 19OCT (MONDAY)
  • Production underway for Ti grade 2, pressure tested to 17ATM
  • Ti grade 5 prototype near completion, pressure tested to 20ATM
  • Helvetica for Type-A
  • Exclusive titanium strap hardware confirmed
  • Multiple order shipping & freight no added cost
  • Horween leather patterns in motion
  • Fly Boy –> Superbowl Boy
  • Check this space for HQ dispatches

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Mission Control: BackerKit Survey Dispatched.

TL;DR — GO: https://reduxwatch.backerkit.com

  • Problems? support@backerkit.com
    Titanium grade 2 and grade 5 order mix enabled
    Horween XL!
    Quartermaster Requisition Directive: Scramble backers to review preflight checklists to confirm COURG order details on the double so that we can taxi down the runway and prepare for on time departure.

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SITREP: Ground Crew Operations

Directive current as of 14:50 19SEP15

TL; DR Coordinates

  • BackerKit surveys Monday/Tuesday
    Pre-production case molds for both titanium grade 2 and grade 5 on schedule
    Case back design distilled with room for engraving
    New titanium grade 5 manufacturer, upgrade add-on price revision = 35USD
    Consulting with Seiko about shock resistance
    Horween backers only — Raise your hands for XL Straps, and VOTE on strap tail shape: http://goo.gl/forms/Z4lUTjmZpu
    Titanium strap hardware design and development process evaluation
    18 ATM confirmed after pressure testing
    Wish Kid wants to fly a fighter jet!

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#COURGcrew —


  • On schedule: Look for BackerKit order survey early next week
    Paid deposit to start watch movement building ahead of timeline
    Ti2 vs Ti5 visual difference should be minimal
    Added Asia fulfillment partner (53% international backers!)
    Completed RDX x WW Horween leather strap prototype = Butter (Translation: I like it a lot and would eat it if I could.)

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#COURGcrew — !

Debrief from the latest developments with the ground crew in the hangar and beyond.

TL;DR: Please report your locations and Ti strap hardware upgrade preferences for logistics planning:

Mission Phase: Production Prototypes

Airframe: Our agents in the field report our manufacturer has production prototypes in motion. This means that the makers begun to build the molds, and tooling that will shape the titanium grade 2 and grade 5 for our COURG cases, bezels, backs, and crown.
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#COURGcrew: Touchdown!

Estimated read time:


Ladies and gentlemen we’re on our final approach into the Kickstarter departure gate, with 14 days before we can fully disembark. On behalf of your crew here at Redux & Co. we want to exclaim,


Thousands have joined our COURG maiden voyage and enriched the project way beyond our expectations. We are humbled by the passion, enthusiasm, and confidence you have entrusted us with. We are elevated by the friendships we’ve formed, the encouragement shared through both clear skies and stormy headwinds.
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#COURGcrew — Full Throttle.

Welcome new backers, we’re full throttle on approach, with T -60 hours and change. And as promised, here’s the final drawings of the refined bezel and variant designs based on backer surveys and with navigation from flight tower to unify the diverse constraints into one cohesive fleet:

I wanted to preserve the use of colors in the legendary A-11 and Type-B, so I selected Pantone colors (Red 187 and Blue 534, if you’re geeks like us) for the respective dial second hand counterweights that hinted at their heritage without overpowering the rest of the dial. As I told A-11 backers, some of the WW2 watches featured a nice rich red. Some Type-B dials used blued-steel, so I went with a deep blue. And no, I don’t think blued-steel belongs on the COURG.
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#COURGcrew, this is your navigator from the flight deck.

We’re beginning our initial descent into the COURG departure gate vicinity. Keep your seat belts fastened and push your seats back as far as they can go. We know that you could have backed another campaign so we appreciate that you’ve chosen to join us and the Redux crew for our mission. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the remainder of the ride.

Thank you everyone for jumping in the Redux hangar to get your hands dirty and kick it with us in the workshop. We’ve hit critical mass in the surveys and I’ve gone ahead and begun the final drawings for the 5 dial and hand combinations that will embark for full production. I will do my very best to have those drawings to debrief with you by Monday.
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#COURGcrew — Welcome to the Redux & Co. Workshop Hangar!

We’ve hit the next phase of the COURG mission, DESIGN! First, a personal note:

I wanted to get this out yesterday, but I have to be honest with you all for a moment here (as usual I’m sure you’ve noticed). I’ve been so bummed and whelmed by all the chatter and squeaky wheels that it stalled me a bit and I lost sight for a couple days of the FACT that there are hundreds, dare I say over a thousand backers who aren’t complaining or demanding, and are simply enjoying the ride.

There are so many of you who have gone far above the call of duty to make this project truly what I intended and all that I had hoped for. From simple thank you notes, kind thoughtful personal messages, and pep talks to elaborate design proposals, sketches, and not a small amount of prayer.

I’m thankful to say that I think we’ve worked together not just to buy watches, but build a community around a mission instrument we’ve crafted together.
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#COURGcrew! Toronto dispatch.

Welcome new COURG mission backers! Pardon the radio silence. Over the weekend, we joined the wedding celebration of our close friends down in Virginia. CONGRATS and many blessings for the sojourn, J+MR!

I found out at the rehearsal dinner that the groom’s grandfather was a WW2 bomber pilot who relied on his A-11 watch during the war in his role to help the Allies dominate the air campaign. In fact, that A-11 is still somewhere in the family!


Even more, the conversation reminded us of how that generation was forged through the Great Depression to emerge with character and grit on a mission to wage war for the soul of humanity.

Connections with backers and friends who are as stoked about recounting history lessons and fighter pilot legends makes this adventure extra meaningful! After the wedding, we flew straight up to Toronto to help out at a youth camp. Onward.

42mm, Flight Plan

After discussions with the manufacturer and thinking carefully about our mission objectives, we’ve decided to re-route departure of the 42mm … for now. I know this will come as a great disappointment to some of you, and I had hoped we could add that goal as well.

However, the machining and mold manufacturing process introduces an 80-day lag, and then another cycle of prototypes. That means a number of things: 1. This immediately pushes that timeline out to 2016. 2. I would need to work on redesigns for the new case and bezel and dials and hands and packaging in tandem with everything else. 3. Introduces additional logistics details such as different strap widths that would need to be matched. 4. Not your concern, but there are big tax implications that could hit if things don’t line up exactly correctly.

That said, I appreciate that many of you indicated interest in the 42mm, and yet enlisted to see the 39mm through so that on the wings of this success, we could have a platform to seriously consider the 42mm.

I expect that some of you will bail out, but I’d like to offer this: If you stay on board and help us see this project through, we’ll offer you a founders discount for when the time comes and we’re ready to tackle the next mission.

What do you say? All for one and one for all?

Cruising Altitude

It’s hard to believe, but we’ve only just about hit the halfway point! What a blast it has been and it’s a privilege to have you all on board. As you can imagine, as we level out on backers I’ve started to work on negotiating our suppliers (5 of them!) down on costs based on our supersized quantities. My goal is to bring those numbers down by maximizing recruiting efforts so that we can full throttle the upgrades for stretch goals. And this is a very fine balance. Speaking of which …

Stretch Goal Coordinates — #1 Achieved

I know many of you have eagerly anticipated the stretch goals. So I’m very pleased to announce that we’ll be including the Redux & Co. exclusive waxed canvas watch roll / mission folio for each backer at PRE-DAWN and up! You all made it happen!


Do I need to say passports and additional watches not included? There. I said it.

SITREP, T-15 Days

Next stretch goals? COURG was built to be hands down the best mission watch straight off the runway at a ridiculous value. Cadets, recall that we equipped the COURG with components and materials that often make up the stretch goal dreams of many other projects. Already onboard: Titanium, sapphire crystal, internal anti-reflective, automatic movement, multiple dial/hand combos. But you already knew that!

I know many backers mentioned that they were stalwart 42mm brigade, so now that we’ve announced the decision to home in on the 39mm, we need to see how many backers go MIA before we set further stretch goals.

That said, right now, I’m leaning towards focusing our resources and efforts towards functional improvements to the COURG machine for the long haul. I’d like to upgrade from 15ATM to 20ATM to boost water-resistance. I’d like to upgrade from titanium grade 2 to grade 5. To me, we’d elevate the COURG to the next level with these.

I understand the appeal of the leather strap as an early stretch, but that means pushing those refinements out. I’d prefer to try and hit the more meaningful goals first, and then see about the strap.

Thanks for flying in tight formation, and Godspeed. elbert, over and out.

#COURGcrew! Caseback design commences.

I can not tell you how excited I am to tell you that there are 4 talented backers among us now who have taken up tactical maneuvers to initiate preliminary design element drawings for the caseback! I’ll share the caseback design committee lead member names in an upcoming update if they want to be identified.

I’ve already seen one initial brainstorm layout that included NINE — yes, 9 designs, which covered a broad spectrum of possibilities from graphic elements to a clean military aesthetic. Needless to say, I’m super impressed. I always sort of envisioned the latter and this one hit kind of a sweet spot and I can’t help but share it. I imagine we’d add the logo and serial number. Understated. Purposeful, and best of all no head-twisting neck craning microscopic letters. What do you think?

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