Breakthrough Life

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Check out my scenic view next door to “the office” — formerly known as my day job.
Tree hazardous waste

Nestled next to a chain link fence,

behind metal waste canisters, busting up through discarded metal poles, asphalt, bricks, car exhaust — a vibrant and vigorous tree thrived.
At first there was no visible sign of life. In fact if anyone looked, all they would have seen is wasteland.
But day by day, the seed put out roots. Gathered whatever light, moisture and nutrients within reach. And when it was good and ready there was no stopping the life.
Sometimes, we think we’d really win if we had a better year, a better place, a better job, a better team, a better childhood, a better _______. If only we had fertile soil, organic, non-GMO, hormone-free, hand-picked, fair-trade, gluten-free, shade-grown, free-range goodness.
“Yes, yes, when we get there, get that, we’ll thrive and grow. For now, let’s just hunker down and survive.”

We’re made to overcome

fear and devastation. No one wants death, but that’s the start of all life — from burned forest, from flooded land, from project flops — from a pandemic.
You’re planted right where you are not for comfort, but so you’ll tap into what you need and not just what you want. So we’ll dig deeper into what really matters.

If you are what you should be, you will set the whole world ablaze!

Catarina da Siena, circa 1300
We can allow the storm to paralyze us with fear or we can take the next right step and start the breakthrough.
This doesn’t happen overnight. Right now may feel like a wasteland. There’s so much that conspires to dull your mind, weaken your heart, and poison your life.
Whatever spot you’re in, seek the light. Dig for the hidden source of water. And fuel your life with the good.
Fire on all cylinders — spirit, soul, and body. Because life knows no other way but to breakthrough.