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Welcome to the Redux & Co. (XXXXX?)

We’re gearing up for some new products and design projects, and I’m stoked to have you on board!

VOTE NOW: Workshop Name + Nomenclature + Thread

0. Workshop Name?

What should we call this group? I’ve had a few names I’ve been thinking about for our special R&D group.

So, of course I wanted to see what you guys think!

1. Strap Color Nomenclature

What do you think about our color name nomenclature? I’d like to settle on three core colors that we’ve chosen here. In the future, I’d like to make some special edition colors as well. So, on one hand, I like the descriptive use of Black, Clay, Rust or Oxblood.

But on the other hand, I find something appealing about using a unique identifier that standardizes the naming convention such as Color 0, Color 1, Color 3. This would also link up with the Horween Color 8 we use as well. I’m curious what your thoughts are!

2. Stitch Color for Clay Strap

The Pitch Black strap must have black thread — at least for this first edition. And for the Color 8, we’re going with a nice charcoal similar to the original straps we made.

But for the Clay strap, I’d like to hear your thoughts on three different options. Unfortunately, I don’t have an example of the tan/khaki color right now. But it will be between the white and the brown.

White thread
Brown Thread

3. XL

Will you need an extra long strap? As you know, I do my best to leave no crew behind!

4. Send in Your Answers

Pre-orders for the new straps are open now, stay tuned for the email update — should land at your inbox soon!