The Problem With Free Snacks

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Do you like free snacks?

Back in my day job, we didn’t have free snacks in the office like other companies had.

But one day, vending machines appeared. And no money was required!

Free snacks! We’d arrived.

Everyone was so giddy and gleeful — at first.

Somewhere around a month later, the gift had turned into an entitlement.

“Where’s my lemon-lime seltzer?!”

“How am I supposed to make it through my meetings today without my M&Ms?!”

Some began hoarding their favorites: Twizzlers, kettle chips, coconut chips.

Our goal should be to live life in radical amazement, get up in the morning and look at the world in a way that takes nothing for granted. Everything is phenomenal; everything is incredible; never treat life casually. To be spiritual is to be amazed.

Abraham Joshua Heschel, theologian, philosopher, circa 1950s

If you’re reading this email, it’s likely that you — like me — are living in a veritable wonderland of opportunity and blessing. Not just in material goods, but most importantly in people.

I’m reminded to be amazed, humbled, stay hungry, and share.

Here’s today’s 3-minute challenge for you: 

Pause right now. Who are three people you kind of take for granted.

You know the ones. They’re just always there.

Just text them and say, “Thank you for being the amazing person you are in my life.” Add specifics as you think of them.

I think you’ll be amazed as I was, and maybe even slightly embarrassed at the riches we have all around us in plain sight.

Best part is there’s no money required in the priceless unexpected gift you give your friends this way.


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What’s your most recent win?

What invigorates you every morning?

Sometimes it’s tough to crack that sheet of ice that chills our souls in sleep.

For some it’s a sweat. Working out, running, HIIT. Caffeine.

We pay attention to our bodies and that’s certainly a good start.

But what about your mind and emotions? How do you kickstart that in a meaningful way?

A life of abundance is awareness and attention. Not rushing here. There. Everywhere.

Not when we’re clamoring, clawing for something else.

Glass half empty? Or half full?

Neither. It’s enough.

Go for a gratitude workout.

When practiced correctly gratitude is guaranteed to level up your life.

It’ll take less time than your workout, heck you can even incorporate the mindset shift into your physical workout.

Here’s 3 simple experiments to try today. Continue reading

Why Gratitude Is Not For Wimps

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A research team studying the positive effects of daily gratitude says it can change people’s lives—but it takes mental toughness and discipline.

The payoff, however, can be significant.

Compared with those who dwell on daily hassles, people who take time instead to record their reasons for giving thanks exercise more regularly, complain of fewer illness symptoms, and feel better about their lives overall. They also feel more loving, forgiving, joyful, enthusiastic, and optimistic about their futures, while their family and friends report that they seem happier and are more pleasant to be around. Continue reading