How Gratitude is a Kickstarter for Your Life

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  • Why Gratitude Isn’t For Wimps
  • New Product Drop Next Week: U.S. Navy SEALs Zodiac Strap

What’s your most recent win?

What invigorates you every morning?

Sometimes it’s tough to crack that sheet of ice that chills our souls in sleep.

For some it’s a sweat. Working out, running, HIIT. Caffeine.

We pay attention to our bodies and that’s certainly a good start.

But what about your mind and emotions? How do you kickstart that in a meaningful way?

A life of abundance is awareness and attention. Not rushing here. There. Everywhere.

Not when we’re clamoring, clawing for something else.

Glass half empty? Or half full?

Neither. It’s enough.

Go for a gratitude workout.

When practiced correctly gratitude is guaranteed to level up your life.

It’ll take less time than your workout, heck you can even incorporate the mindset shift into your physical workout.

Here’s 3 simple experiments to try today.

Work Your Land

Waypoint 1: Ancient Wisdom + Gratitude


“He who works his field will have abundant food,
But those who chase fantasies are devoid of understanding.”

Jedidiah Bendawid, head of state, poet, circa 950 BCE

You’re probably like, what does that quote have to do with gratitude?

Gratitude is found in sweat and good work.

It’s not some fleeting fanciful snowflake of wishful thinking — melting at first breath of reality.

A farmer who doesn’t plant seed, water his crop, and kill pests won’t have anything to be thankful for. Daydreams don’t produce harvest.

So, I’m not saying don’t do the work.

Do the work.

And part of the work is a step back to soak it up.

Savor it.

Revel in the joy of knowing you went all in, and left nothing on the table.

Why Gratitude Isn’t For Wimps

Waypoint 2: Science + Gratitude

In the realm of gratitude, scientists are catching up to ancient wisdom.

Dozens of research studies across diverse populations demonstrate the power of a gratitude life upgrade.

The experiments look something like this for several weeks:

Group A (Gratefuls): Writes down five things they were thankful for.

Group B (Whiners): Writes down five complaints.

From college students to organ transplant recipients, and from chronic neuromuscular disease sufferers to healthy fifth-graders — the results resound with the same message:

Within weeks, “Gratefuls” experienced measurable improvements across the spectrum of mental/emotional, physical, and social well-being metrics versus “Whiners.”

Don’t be a whiner, count your wins.


“Gratitude is fertilizer for the mind, spreading connections and improving its function in nearly every realm of experience.”

Robert A. Emmons, Ph.D., prof psychology, University of California, circa 2007

Check out Emmons’ book Thanks!: How Practicing Gratitude Can Make You Happier for more on his gratitude research.

It might sound fuzzy and warm but gratitude is not something that just happens.

It takes intention, attention, and discipline.

The hard lift is not a big weight you lift once. It’s the many reps that get you there.

Here are some experiments to get started.

Three Simple Ways to Fire Up Your Gratitude Muscle

1. Kickstart Your Day with writing 3 things you’re grateful for and think about them. If you’re stuck for ideas:

  • One relationship
  • One item (could be something small and simple)
  • One highlight/opportunity/win from yesterday

2. Chu Family Favorite at dinner everyone takes turns and shares a “Thankful For” — “Today I was thankful for …” It can be anything, and you’ll be surprised what you learn about one another!

3. Imagine An Unexpected Day: Jot down a list of what you’re thankful for. Then imagine what your day would be like without the things you forgot.

(And regardless whether you’re religious … there’s a universal truth behind what this thought exercise might reveal.)


“What if you woke up this morning and had only the things you thanked God for yesterday?”

Max Lucado, author, minister, circa 2000


Waypoint 3: Redux + Gratitude
Share Gold

Love you guys. I hope you like the gold. (make sure you share it!)

Scout is deep into various stones, gems, crystals … and gold.

In fact, he gave me some gold the other day.

It was a rock he found outside and painted. Sound lame?

What you didn’t know is that Scout:

  • Hunted around for rocks just the shape he wanted.
  • He sanded down the rock (for days) and made them as smooth as possible.
  • He researched gold nuggets every free moment.
  • He painted multiple layers.
  • Left incriminating gold paint everywhere from light switches and t-shirts, to desks, floors, and his sister’s hair.

As for me, gold and silver I don’t have, but I promise to share my very best.

There’s much refining still needed, and so I’m grateful for your sticking with me as I learn, sand, and paint.

It’s a mess, but I hope it’s a worthwhile mess.

And there’s no doubt you have pure gold too.

Don’t horde the treasure. Share your deep work! (And don’t be afraid to make a mess.)

New Project Drop: Next Week

U.S. Navy SEALs Zodiac SAR/decon Watch Strap

I have gotten a hold of some salvaged hybrid material from a duty proven Navy SEALs Zodiac.

This particular piece comes from a decommissioned SEALs Milpro FC470 Combat Rubber Raiding Craft (CRRC).

Later, this craft redeployed in Search and Rescue missions, hence SAR.

I made a rough prototype strap from it and really dig the fit and feel of it. To me it feels like the best of both worlds, decon ready and still has a leather feel owing to the nylon inner core.

There will be a special edition limited number and dedicated collab for backers.

Strap in. This should be good.

Navy SEALs Zodiac Hypalon Strap SEAL Team 5

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