Respond Now — BackerKit Survey Dispatched.

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Mission Control: BackerKit Survey Dispatched.


  • Problems?
    Titanium grade 2 and grade 5 order mix enabled
    Horween XL!
    Quartermaster Requisition Directive: Scramble backers to review preflight checklists to confirm COURG order details on the double so that we can taxi down the runway and prepare for on time departure.

By now, you know that although comms has been relatively quiet from HQ, there’s plenty of action in the trenches. I prefer to keep the chatter down and issue meaningful updates with high margins of utility, so two within a few days will be rare.

I appreciate that many of you thoroughly read the dispatches. We’ll be switching our updates to our website mission log soon. So, if you’d like to stay tuned, drop your preferred email in the BackerKit survey.

BackerKit Survey Particulars

Didn’t receive it? Check your spam email folder on the email address associated with your Kickstarter account. You do not need to make a login and password to fill out your survey, just fill it out and you’re all good to go! Want to review your order details or pledge status?

Use your email at:

Need to make a correction? You can go back and change it anytime before the cut off date for changes, which will be around October 13.

Login troubles? If you use your Facebook login for your Kickstarter account, the BackerKit invite sent to the email you used for your Facebook account.

ONE MORE TIME: Survey Lockdown Date — OCTOBER 13

We will close surveys for changes right around October 13th. After that date, any backers who have not responded will move to the back of the production queue and you may submit order details when you’re able.

If you have any questions or problems, do not hesitate to email the BackerKit team, they are extremely responsive and go above the call of duty to assure a smooth deployment of your order details.

Titanium grade 2 x Titanium grade 5

As you go through the survey I think you be pleasantly surprised to find that we’ve decided to allow backers to mix and match grade 2 and grade 5. Just note that we’ll hold the order so that both ship together.

Horween Chromexcel XL & Operational Procedures

In addition, I’ve decided to go ahead and make the Horween XL die even though we didn’t reach that critical mass number. We’re asking the XL crew to kick in a fiver to get the die made. Based on the number of XL crew, that’ll get us roughly half way and I’ll pick up the rest of the tab.

Just so you know, Worn & Wound does not plan to keep the die. First they don’t plan to offer XL sizes, the market is just too small apparently (and I understand why they made that business decision). But you know me, if it’s in my power to not leave someone behind, I won’t.

And then this strap is also an exclusive design for the COURGcrew. In fact, I’m paying for the first exclusive regular size die myself instead of going with W&W existing die because I really don’t like how the leather loop migrates in my field ops. So, I’m not asking backers to pitch in for that regular size die because, well, that’s my choice.

Same with titanium hardware. I decided to absorb that cost myself because that’s something I personally really want to make happen for everyone. My rough operating procedure is that if I can possibly afford to budget for something, I don’t make it an add on.

For another example, US shipping is going to cost me double what I anticipated to add tracking but I don’t want to make another ask because that’s my fault and I should have set shipping at $15 across the board.

Please understand I’m not complaining or making excuses, just explaining to you how I’m making these decisions in the wisest way I can for the COURGcrew.

Let’s Build Some Wings

Also, many of you said you’d like to directly show some love to help give the Flyboy Wish Kid wings. So keep an eye out for the add-on option in BackerKit. We’ll match these funds up to the point where we can make this happen.

A big thanks also to the BackerKit team because they have committed to forego their usual fee on the funds collected. Fully 95% (Stripe will still charge us a payment processing fee) of this Wish Kid fund will go directly to the Make-a-Wish foundation, which is working to make this dream a reality.

Tackle your missions, and Godspeed. elbert, over and out.

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