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Redux RDXb1 Lume

We use a proprietary blend called RDXb1 developed to provide a very true blue glow, with a special drying process to provide a hint of aged white. The second hands are C3, which glows green in the dark and adds a subtle touch of green in the day time. We use seven layers of paint to soak in as much light as possible.

Proprietary RDXb1 Blue Lume

Luminous paint needs to be charged in order for it glow or for the glow to last. The brightness and longevity of the glow will depend on how much light the paint has been exposed to. Under normal conditions the lume will be plenty visible through the night with no additional effort.

  • We recommend if you’re going into near-dark (if there’s too much dim light around it may be difficult for your eyes to adjust and differentiate the lume. In needed, give it a quick charge with a flashlight, lamp, or other light source to recharge the paint.
  • Sunlight will also effectively charge the lume.
  • You can also use a UV flashlight, which will quickly and effectively charge the lume.


Lume History

Luminous phosphorescent is the paint that is applied to the hand dials, which glows.

Lume is applied to watches to make them more readable in low light settings which is why you find this beneficial if you are a diver.

In the early 1900s the lume was created by a combination of Zinc and radioactive materials. Radium was mixed with Zinc to enhance the glow. To create a glow which was bright enough using only radium was too dangerous as it emits too much radiation.

However, radium in watches was banned due to the number of deaths in the production plants. New alternatives. In 1990, the use of a new formulation of luminous paint was introduced as it was the first non radioactive substance to emit a glow which would last long periods after being exposed to light.


Green vs. Blue Lume

In comparison with typical C3 green colored paint, sometimes the blue appears more subtle and less bright when next to each other. However, the blue color definitely powerful enough off regular ambient light charge throughout the day to last through the night.

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