#COURGcrew: Caseback Design Starts & Media Operatives Intel Report

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#COURGcrew! Caseback design commences.

I can not tell you how excited I am to tell you that there are 4 talented backers among us now who have taken up tactical maneuvers to initiate preliminary design element drawings for the caseback! I’ll share the caseback design committee lead member names in an upcoming update if they want to be identified.

I’ve already seen one initial brainstorm layout that included NINE — yes, 9 designs, which covered a broad spectrum of possibilities from graphic elements to a clean military aesthetic. Needless to say, I’m super impressed. I always sort of envisioned the latter and this one hit kind of a sweet spot and I can’t help but share it. I imagine we’d add the logo and serial number. Understated. Purposeful, and best of all no head-twisting neck craning microscopic letters. What do you think?

I can’t wait to share more with you all once we have a bit more direction to guide the discussion. Feel free to send links to ideas to add some flavor or comment on this update!

Media Operatives Intel Report

In the meantime, there’s been interest to see the media rundown for influencers who have featured the COURG in their write-ups. I realize that many of you may learned about our project through one of these, so I compiled them and extracted our favorite pull quotes. We’ve found it interesting to see some of the recurring themes and details they’ve caught on to. Here’s 12 of our favorites — Check them out!

Worn & Wound “It’s a classic, clean look that gives the watch a mix of pilot and diver styles.”

Everyday Carry “…a purpose-driven instrument capable of any mission”

Wrist Watch Review “I like the little touches, the matte finish, the minimal branding…”

The Time Bum “For those of us not blitzing London, a smaller case is the more useful choice.”

Watch Paper “The COURG is one of those projects that you want to know about before it’s too late.”

High Snobiety “The result is a minimal, timeless, high quality watch for a great price.”

Hypebeast “Value and solid build in a pared-down, dependable titanium design.”

Gear Hungry “…minimal, reliable, and distinctive in its looks. Mission accomplished.”

Cool Material “…robust and dependable timepiece.”

Gear Patrol “…promising mashup of pilot and dive watch that shows a mature design restraint.”

Uncrate “…strikes the right balance of function and style.”

Wrist Watches Today “…put some thought into producing an new original looking watch”

Preliminary Survey Update

We’ve had a remarkable response rate with some 687 complete the survey. We’ll give the survey another day and then start digging into the results. So you still have time, if you haven’t weighed in — I’m looking at you 400 or so backers!

Thanks for staying tuned, and I’ll be back in the next installment with some big decisions. I appreciate your patience.

elbert, over and out.

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